Twenty-four year old Lauren Ashley is not your mother’s country artist, even though she is inarguably influenced by legends like Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn. She’s not your sister’s country artist, either, even if she has the same fire as some of the young modern genre superstars. Nor is she your brother’s country artist, even though she can hang with the boys, fronting her own band The Trainwreckers. 


She’s actually all of theirs, since her music is so universal and broad in its appeal. She writes her own songs and tells her own stories. Her music has moments of sass and spark, but it’s also soft and sweet. The tunes are equal parts heft and heart. She can throw down with the dudes, all the while being relatable to the ladies. 


Lauren Ashley isn’t cashing in her chips or compromising who she is for anyone. She is just being true to herself. 


She is, in fact, a refined rebel, whose spirit cannot be tamed or broken and who is almost possessed by the desire to speak to her listeners through her songs. “I have stuff to say, so I’m gonna say it,” says the girl from small-town Georgia. 


Her sound is country with a rock and swampy edge, which can be found in her single, “Rebel Child.” It’s not perfect, nor is it polished, but that is what makes it so unforgettable. 


Ashley realizes that she is “different than a lot of country females,” and that is to her credit. “I like to think that other than a different sound, it’s what you are not hearing on the radio. I front my own band and they are all boys!” Indeed, Ashley is backed by a hugely talented cast of players in The Trainwreckers, comprised of Jasen Rauch, Brian Bonds, Jay Gorman, and Lester Estelle who have backed up some of the biggest names in country music. 


Being a “Rebel Child” isn’t dangerous. It’s courageous. It takes that courage to follow one’s heart, and that’s just what Lauren Ashley is doing. That’s why scores of fans will follow and flock to her music. You can’t just fake what she’s got. She is a true refined rebel!



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